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Are Your Kids Future Ready?
STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship

GreenApple Virtual Campus is an Immersive Digital Learning Hub
Preparing the Innovators of the Future

Who We Are

Immersive Digital Learning Hub
Preparing Innovators of the Future

01. Future Ready

To us, Future Ready means engaging, student centered learning that empowers educational opportunity, anytime, anywhere. Digital learning to prepare students for success in school, career opportunity and as global citizens.

03. Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on 21 years of successful STEM, Innovation & Entrepreneurship content development and delivery. The curriculum is inquiry design based and chock full of hands on activities that are aligned with 21st Century Skills and NGSS, Next Generation Science Standards.

02. Designed For Success

GreenApple Virtual Campus interactive programs foster collaboration with action based learning, engaging activities and live instruction. We want to connect with your kids and facilitate your kids connecting with other virtual learners. Live Virtual programs are small groups led by experienced educators and the creative, challenging hands on and digital activities we love.

04. Digital Resources

Curated digital resources include STEM, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses and Camps plus the ongoing series of Mini Design Challenges and STEM Challenge Events.

STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship Courses

STEM & Coding


AI & Machine Learning



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GreenApple Campus is an educational nonprofit providing STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship programming to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally connected world, now and in the future.
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Our mission at Girls Take the Lead is to challenge the leaders of tomorrow to apply STEM + Entrepreneurial thinking to develop innovative solutions to real world problems. Girls Take the Lead incorporates people centered innovation challenges and experiential learning to prepare girls to thrive in a globally connected world.
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GreenApple STEM is an education enrichment organization on the forefront of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) education and a leading provider of STEM Education Business Opportunity globally. The GreenApple STEM mission is twofold: Power STEM + Innovation education business opportunity Empower STEM + Innovation learning proficiency.
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