Have You Seen These Live Virtual Camps?

Make a Stop Motion Movie

Lights, camera, action! Kids create a Stop Motion Movie and learn the basics of film production, storyboard development and character design plus techniques in editing, animation, green screen and voice over.

When: August 10 – August 14 @ 2pm – 4pm EST

GameLab with Unity

In the GameLab with Unity we use the power and flexibility of Unity, a cross platform game engine for 2D and 3D games. Level up to learn mechanics, UI, game objects and components to create 2D or 3D environments, simulations and interactivity, and work with character controllers and levels to create first person and third person games.

When: August 10 – August 14 @ 10am – 12pm EST

Summer StartUp Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship is for…innovators, inventors, dreamers, doers, leaders, makers…you.

Are you a Social Entrepreneur? Is Tech your thing? How about an online store for products you collect, source or create? Do you have a great idea for an app? How will you take the lead?

In the Summer StartUp Bootcamp our goal is to inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to creatively apply technology and business concepts to unlock potential opportunity.

When: August 17 – August 21 @ 12pm – 2pm