Subscription STEM

Ideal For In School, After School, Learning Centers &
Home Distance Learning

Looking for STEM education programs for your students or @home learning? We have you covered!

GreenApple Subscription STEM is ideal for teacher led in person school, after school, hybrid learning or at home learning. 

GreenApple STEM Instructor Bundle Courses, Lessons and Activities are formatted for easy teacher, parent or group leader facilitation. Present courses to your students in the classroom, video learning platform or @Home.

Courses use readily available materials and can be customized to your STEM equipment.

Make STEM learning experiential and fun for kids ages 6 – 16

STEM60 Hands-On STEM and STEAM Activities

Looking for Hands-On STEM Activities that can be done is 60 minutes or less?

GreenApple STEM60 is a series of hands-on STEM or STEAM activities that can be completed in 60 minutes or less. STEM60 activities use readily available materials and can be customized by age group and STEM topic.